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Really enjoyed it! Lima has written a beautiful meditation on how we can slow down and get more out of every minute, with or without our devices.

Nir Eyal, bestselling author of Hooked and Indistractable

I enjoyed reading the book, an eye-opener if you are involved in digital transformation and data technology on a daily basis.

Paul Bessems, Blockchain Consultant & CEO of Weconomics foundation

I think that more than ever we need to take the time to think about the importance we give to technology, and to think about who controls who. This is exactly what 'Life Beyond...' allows us to do.

César Lacombe, Founder of

Highly recommended. […] A remarkable book. Together with the visual style, the content, the transparency, the personal, and the constructive view on why reflection and action are both important. Respect.

Mahir Özdemir, co-founder

As someone's mother, someones lover, someones co-worker. Always checking Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook - I needed some help to check if I'm still in tune with the human part of me. Especially now. 

Varsha Bahadoer, Mental Health Professional at

There are people we meet who have but little roles to play in our lives, and then there are some exceptional people we cherish for life! Erwin Lima belongs to the latter! - This book is exceptional! Bless you!

Anthony van Lobbrecht, Founder & CEO

Stop smartphone addiction and Maximize your potential

Now more than ever:
Becoming the best we can possibly be starts with a conscious choice. For everything we allow to impact our lives. Such as digital technology.

Make a conscious choice, curb smartphone addiction or technology overuse for yourself and your loved ones. Use technology - and really anything - consciously, to achieve your maximum potential.

Improve Your Mental Health: Life Beyond the Touch Screen E-book

Download the E-book now for 9.95

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