Life Beyond AI | E-book [ENG]

Life Beyond AI | E-book [ENG]

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The story of the future we’re creating
For ourselves, our business, and our children

What could be more important than the present and the future of humanity, during and after this AI revolution that we’re in the beginning phases of? Your future, the future of your work and your business, of society, and the future of your children — should you at any point have any.

Erwin Lima is a Marketing Strategist, Growth Storytelling Consultant and Coach at Neo Alpha, a Trainer for the Master of Growth Value Creation course by BAMMBOO Growth Hacking & BMI, and Co-founder and Head of Storytelling at

He is also the author of Life Beyond the Touch Screen, on the impact of web 2.0 technologies on our mental health as individuals, in organizations, and in society — winner of the 2020 ‘Mental Health Advocate of the Year’ Award.

In this new book, Erwin shares some stories about the past, present, and future of humanity — focusing on those in relation to technology and more specifically, in relation to AI. With the aim of helping you to see the importance and power of stories, and to maybe even start to think about the importance and the power of your own. Whether as an individual human being, as a team, or as an organization or brand, this book raises two key questions:

What is the story of the future you want to be a part of creating?

And what is your part in that story?


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