This Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Remember Your Mental Health

This year has been particularly stressful for most of us. Treat yourself to some stress relief.

The year 2020 has been incredibly stressful for most of us by far. Some have lost their jobs, others have gotten ill or have seen someone they love get sick. Many others are under such high strain from constantly being online and from social isolation that they run the risk of burnout or depression.

I, for one, have had one of the absolutely most tiring years of my lifetime this year. 

If none of the above applies to you, consider yourself very lucky.

But regardless if you’re one of the above or not: the year 2020 is a year for introspection, and if nothing less, for self-care.

Black Friday Holiday Shopping for Self-care and Mental Health

Therefore, this Black Friday and Cyber Monday: don’t feel guilty about treating yourself and the ones you love with beautiful gifts or cool new gadgets. 

If you remember nothing else from reading this, though, remember this:

This year, treat yourself and your loved ones to something that can help relieve stress, or something that might help protect our mental health. And study after study is showing; our mental health can certainly use a bit of extra protection in these digital lockdowns, and these strangely socially isolated times. 

Seek for gifts and presents that help you find a sense of calm, and of freedom. And where do calm and freedom begin?

Do I have any suggestions as to what you might be shopping for then? Well, since you asked:

Books that improve your mindstate and mental health

Create your own mindstate. To which, I strongly suggest you spend your hard-earned money on books this year. In 2020 and beyond; books may be a fantastic way to get away from the screen, escape the reality of today for a brief moment, and to invest in yourself.

Here are three non-fiction books I can 100% recommend you throw into your online Black Friday Shopping cart:

  1. Humankind: A Hopeful History – By Rutger Bregman.
    In this book, Dutch historian and philosopher Rutger Bregman offers an uplifting, riveting and fact-backed account of why human beings aren’t necessarily evil creatures by nature. To help with your outlook on a more hopeful future and to trust in ourselves and each other more.
  2. Indistractable — By Nir Eyal.
    Absolutely one of my favorite (re)reads this year, this book by two-times New York Times Bestselling author and all-round expert on the impact of digital technology on our mental health and habit formation, Nir Eyal. In this book, he gives you all you need to keep your mind and behavior on track with your values — and not with the demands and slings and stresses of daily (lockdown) life.
  3. Life Beyond the Touch Screen — by Erwin Lima.
    I’ve re-read my own book a few times this year, and am still pretty proud of it. What readers are saying about it has been absolutely humbling. Looking for ways to get the most out of every minute, with or without your devices? Do you or anyone you know need a primer for their mental health in combination with (over)use of technology? 

Order ‘Life Beyond the Touch Screen’ now, and for a limited offer use code MentalHealthFocus2020 on my website for a 15% discount on all items.

This holiday — next year, and the next — take care of yourself and your mental health, my friend. And that of those you love.

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