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Using the Transformational Power of Storytelling for Business and Personal Growth

Growth Storytelling Coaching for Entrepreneurs & Professionals

Awaken Your Growth Story for More Meaning, Connection, and Growth

Sometimes it can be very difficult to make improvements in your life, to have more focus, more energy, more calm - and to experience more growth. A lot of the time, a lack of clearunderstanding of self, and a lack of a clear direction, are at the root of this.

Who are you, really - and who are you trying to become?

Your identity, experts agree, is made up out of two things: the stories you tell yourself and others about you, and the relationships you have and the roles you play in those relationships. The stories you tell about yourself, in other words, are imperative for your understanding of self. 

At the same time, telling a clear and authentic story about yourself can be very very difficult, for humans and brands alike. 

Finding your Growth story and telling it the right way is fundamental to your Growth, whatever you're trying to achieve. And it's fundamental to start to more consciously guide, direct, and enjoy that growth.

Ready to get started?

Growth & Purpose Trainings & Coaching

With two online courses and/or personal coaching I help you as a professional or entrepreneur take the next steps in balanced growth. From Purpose, and with more or less Storytelling in the mix - depending on your growth goals and objectives.

I do this based on three steps:

1. Course: Growth Story & Compass - 350 EUR [Online]

[In-house variant: Purpose & Personal Growth Storytelling - 5000 EUR
10 people max, read more here]

With this (online) course you learn the basic knowledge and skills that you will be able to use the rest of your life to be more in touch with yourself, the people that matter most to you, and to your Growth Story.

You gain a lot of insight about yourself through exercises and at the end of the course you can formulate, grasp, and communicate your own Purpose and your Growth Story. You will also have practised with tools and techniques to help you stay on track and make your Growth Story come alive.

This will help you find more focus, balance, and growth.

2. Course: Growth Storytelling Level 2 for Entrepreneurs - 450 EUR [Online version 250 EUR]

For entrepreneurs and professionals who want to make strides: a course in which you create 30 short stories in 30 days based on your own purpose and growth path. With these short stories you can tell the right story to the right audience in the upcoming year - so you can work faster and with more focus and energy towards your growth goals.

3. Personal Coaching: Growth & Balance - 350 euro p/month
[For the duration of 1-3 months and max 6 months]

How do you take the next step? What is really important to you and what do you need to focus on? In a coaching program I help you with tools, strategies and especially a "listening mirror" approach to get a grip on your own growth as a person and/or as an entrepreneur. For more balance, more focus, and more growth.

Each month you'll get two extended sessions of 1.5 hours, and two short check-ins of 20 minutes. I'll help you get started and teach you to maintain focus and balance on your own from now on.


"I give it a 9. It was a very well prepared program I thought. Very well argued program. And at the same time not cold and technical but very imaginative and inspirational, and made in such a way that you can work with it practically."

- Mahir Ö.


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