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Growth and Innovation through Storytelling from Purpose. 

Life Beyond – by Neo Alpha 

The aim of ‘Life Beyond’ is to help humans take back their focus, time and energy, and to live more. is owned by Neo Alpha.  

Life Beyond – the book, website and media – was created by Erwin Lima, and designed by Giorgio Guldenaar

Neo Alpha

Neo Alpha, registered at the CoC in Rotterdam (NL), is a marketing consultancy and publishing business. The mission is to help individuals and organizations find their story, and to tell it in such a way that it connects and transforms – maximizing the potential of the story and all the humans it touches.

In the 21st century, innovation is often a significant part of that story. 

"Growth and Innovation through Storytelling from Purpose"

Erwin Lima 

Neo Alpha is owned by Erwin Lima; a Marketing- and Innovation Philosopher and author. He specializes in brand identity, content strategy and the impact of digital innovation. Erwin studied psychology and is inspired by the notion of self-transcendence through purpose-aligned innovation and storytelling.  

Erwin Lima Life Beyond Technology Impact Mental Health

From a very young age Erwin has been fascinated and inspired by what drives people, by creativity and storytelling, and by technological innovation.  

Erwin Lima studied educational psychology and has a track record of ten years as a marketing content creator and strategist. The last six years of his career have been focused on digital innovation, brand identity, content strategy and employee advocacy.  

Next to strategy and identity workshops and presentations around the impact and ethics of digital technology and marketing communication, Erwin also has experience in creating and offering trainings on content writing. 

Erwin Lima is a father of two, lover of one, and the author of the novel ‘Face Value’ and award-winning meditational book ‘Life Beyond the Touch Screen’. 

Services: Innovation, Identity and Marketing Consultancy 

Through Neo Alpha, Erwin Lima offers services in three categories:  

  • Innovation philosophy 
    ‘Life beyond the touch screen’ books and products. 
    Meditational book, e-book, media and merchandise to help combat digital distraction. 
    Innovation philosophy presentations/guest speaking. 
    Engage in a story that pulls you out of the everyday rat race, and make a conscious choice. 
  • Content strategy consultancy and creation 
    Content creation, training, workshops and consultancy. 
    Online or in person training, workshops and advice for strategic content marketing & writing. 
    Book writing and Brand Book creation/coaching. 
    Online or in person training, coaching, writing and editing. 
  • Identity coaching and consultancy 
    ‘Growth Storytelling: How to find, communicate and Live your Purpose’ book and online training, coming soon. 
    Find/redefine your purpose, and connect with your audience from your purpose and theirs. 
    Brand Identity workshops, consultancy and coaching. 
    Find/redefine your brand identity, use it strategically, innovate and manage it consistently. 

Want to know more about these services and what they can do for you? Get in touch now.

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Life Beyond the Touch Screen 

Life Beyond the Touch Screen was the result of the combination of Erwin working in the technology sector as a content strategist for more than six years, a series of interviews with tech visionaries named ‘Future: Fast Forward’ and the realization that the true impact of technological innovation was much greater than most seem to understand. 


Life Beyond the Touch Screen Digital overload lockdown burnout smartphone addiction meditational book books award winning 2021 tech technology mental health

Life Beyond the Touch Screen” is out now, you can get it here as an e-book or paperback. It’s a meditational booklet designed to increase our consciousness around the impact of digital technology on our lives as individuals, in organizations and society. A reminder to choose. Take back your energy, focus, and time.