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AI Content Marketing Cursus Course Workshop Consultancy Nederland

The following workshop & consultancy offering was created in collaboration with - the Future-proof AI Content Marketing Toolkit.

If you and your team have not gone beyond experimenting with AI, and haven’t really integrated AI content creation into your marketing processes yet, you’re going to want to prioritize that, sooner rather than later.

But where do you begin?

And, more importantly: how will you stand out from the crowd in the very near future where up to 90% of online content may well be created by or with the help of AI?

Get Ready for the Future of Content Marketing

Future Content Marketing AI

If you are a leader in business or marketing who wants your team to learn how to think about, implement and integrate the best AI content marketing tools into your content marketing tool stack and processes, this is for you.

Do you want to prepare yourself, your people and your brand for the AI-assisted future of content creation?

Erwin LimaMy name is Erwin Lima, Brand Growth Storytelling consultant and owner at Neo Alpha, author, and Co-founder and Head of Storytelling at — the AI Storytelling workshop of the future, trusted by 100,000+ marketers worldwide.

Together with, I am very happy and uniquely positioned to offer AI Content Marketing Consultancy and Workshops, to help guide you and your team in this exciting next step in the evolution of your brand and marketing strategies.

AI Content Marketing Course Workshop Consultancy

AI Growth Storytelling Workshop

The answer to how your brand will stand out from the crowd in a future flooded with AI-generated content, lies in the maximally effective combination of human authenticity, creativity, connection, and empathy with AI efficiency.

How do we combine human storytelling & AI copy generators for maximum growth?

With this two-day workshop, you and your team will learn:

  • How to think about AI copy creation in a strategic, ethical, and future-proof way.
  • How to create more compelling content — and how to do it easier and faster with the help of AI.
  • How to shift from often low ROI Employee Advocacy, to sustainably successful Team Storytelling (especially in B2B/SaaS environments).
  • How to keep upgrading yourself as creators and as a brand, becoming ever better writers and content creators.
  • And most importantly: how to effectively integrate AI content tools and capabilities into your team and your marketing processes

Time and investment:

We will go through this workshop online, in two blocks of 3 hours each, spread out across two days. Costs may vary according to group size and additional requirements, but the minimum investment with a group ranging from 5–10 students is 2.500 dollars.

AI Content Marketing Consultancy

In case you and your leadership team have different challenges regarding AI content creation; how to think about it, how to implement any of the available tools, and how to integrate them into your existing brand and marketing strategies and processes, don’t hesitate to reach out either.

I offer tailored AI Content Marketing Consultancy as well, where based on your exact challenges, goals, and constraints I will create an offer and guide and advise you.

Workshops and training may or may not be a part of that offering, but together we’ll surely end up with a much clearer view of and a strategy for your future growth and the future development of your brand.

If this sounds like something you need and you want to learn more, feel free to set up a free introductory virtual coffee with me, here.

What is the ROI I can expect?

As a result of this AI & Growth Storytelling Workshop and/or Consultancy tailored specifically to your needs, you can expect your team to:

Future-proof your content creation efforts

  • Have a much better understanding of the fundamentals of good storytelling.
  • Have learned some of the best systems for fun, fast, powerful writing with or without the help of AI.
  • Have a clearer understanding of your own content creation goals and how to improve on key KPIs.

Maximize the effectiveness of your strategic marketing, brand building, and demand gen activities

  • You’ll be more effective at collecting and using data and feedback to your advantage in the AI-enabled marketing landscape of the future — using the Growth Storytelling Framework and other tools.
  • You and your team will know how to make the most out of your content creation time and personal stories with the help of AI & Team Storytelling (Employee Advocacy).
  • You’ll know how to use your content to reach your goals faster and reach more people with our Story Distribution Framework and Team Storytelling tactics.

Set your brand up for sustainable growth in an AI environment

  • You and your team will have learned and practiced the most effective writing and AI content creation strategies and tactics.
  • You’ll have in-depth and practical, platform-agnostic, and future-proof knowledge and understanding of AI content creation tools.
  • You and your team will have a much clearer understanding and a practical roadmap for how to strategically and ethically integrate AI content creation into the future development and growth of your brand and your business.


Ready to join in the future of Brand Storytelling?

Does this sound interesting, like something you need, or something you would want to hear more about?

Set up a free introductory virtual coffee with me, here.


Free AI Content Creation, Marketing & Growth Masterclass Video

Here’s a preview of how I approach Growth Storytelling and how AI fits in the future of Content Marketing

Bonus: Full slide-deck & other free resources
You can download the slide deck for free's LinkedIn-page, here.

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