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Finding the Right Story and Strategy to help you Grow

Sometimes companies find it difficult to figure out what exact story they need to be telling, and how to tell that story, so it can help them reach the right people to grow. Whether you're a new founder or founding team, or a seasoned leader or leadership team trying to rekindle that spark and turn over a new leaf - finding the right story and telling it the right way is fundamental to the growth of your brand.

Brand Growth Storytelling

I help your company or team find, tell, and live your Growth Story. This based on your Purpose, the goals of your audience/clients, and proven marketing and storytelling principles.

I do this based on three steps:

1. Brand Story Pitch & Purpose Sketch - 750 EUR

In a first introductory workshop of 2,5 hours we'll work on the core of your brand, based on the structure: Need, Promise, Proof/Result. In the ideal situation this session is assisted by: one or all founders, a team member and/or business partner, and your best customer. We briefly spend time on the Purpose or Why of your brand.


  • I incorporate the input from this workshop into a first version of your brand story.
  • Includes: copy for your website, social media & one-minute pitch.
  • Includes: small, manageable Next Steps advice.

2. Brand Story Complete: Positioning, Values & Implementation - 2450 EUR

In a second workshop of 2,5 hours and an additional interview session, we jointly reflect on the archetype of your brand, your positioning in the context of your competitors and the market, and go a little deeper into your Purpose. We also address core values, vision, and corporate responsibility.


  • With the input from this workshop, I will create your first full brand story. This means you now have all the necessary building blocks for your brand & messaging.
  • Includes: implementation strategy & content strategy brief.
  • Includes: coaching sessions after 6, 9, and 12 months.

3. Brand Story Full Circle: Strategy + Key Content - 1800 EUR

With additional interviews with your team, your clients and/or partners, I help you fully develop and round out your Brand Story, with one key content piece (blog, webpage, or landing page) per section. For a total of 10 key content pieces that you can use to tell your story. You can also expect a hand-over with an elaborated brand storytelling strategy, with a focus on brand messaging and Tone-of-Voice.


  • All of the above + 10 key content pieces/website copy.
  • Tone-of-Voice document.

Content Strategy 

Making your story come alive with the right messaging & touchpoints - 1800 EUR

We hold a workshop where we gather insights about your customers and customer journey. Based on your Brand Story and insights about your customer, I create a Storytelling Strategy that allows you to share not only your brand story, but also those stories and information that make your customers get to know you, trust you, and buy from you.

Content Creation

Content creation - 85 EUR/hour, blocks of 10 hours/month

Additionally, you can ask me to create content to execute your content strategy. This comes in blocks of 85 euros per hour, and 10 hours per month. What you can expect from this depends on the exact arrangements, but on average about 10 shorter (300-500 words) or 4 longer (+/-2000 words) content pieces per month.



Erwin really helped UnlocQed take the next step with the brand story he developed. UnlocQed already was very unique, but now we also know how to tell our story from the source. Thank you Erwin for your critical eye and dedication to giving our story a new dimension. It feels like new shoes (and I tell you: they run great!). 10/10 would recommend!

- Petra Kevenaar, Managing Partner Marketing, Unlocqed


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