Free Download: How to Manage your Focus and Time

Free Digital Handout: How to Manage Your Focus While Working Remote

Free Digital handout = Manage your Focus and Time while working remote

More and more of us are living our lives at work and at home, always accompanied by our digital devices. Which makes sense: they can help us get more done, stay connected more easily and get the most out of ourselves and out of every minute.

However, there’s also a downside: Digital technology has been reported in many studies to be connected to decreased focus, productivity and wellbeing. Overuse is linked to depression, loneliness, and to the occurrence of burnouts. Read more about that, here.

The New Normal: Manage your focus working remotely after Covid-19

How do we manage our focus, time and energy to maximize our potential and our wellbeing? Follow the three steps in this two-page free handout each day, and get more out of yourself and out of life.

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