How Do We Manage Our Digital Distraction?

Support’s crowdfunding campaign and manage your focus and digital wellbeing, the smartphone app to help you manage digital distraction at work, is launching a crowdfunding campaign today. Make a conscious decision when it comes to the impact you want digital technology to have on your life: Learn more about LetMeThink and support their campaign.

Smartphones are everywhere. We unlock them, mainly unconsciously, at a mean of 150 times a day. We get distracted by them, we lose focus and our wellbeing has been shown to suffer as well.

58% of people have reported to consciously try to use their smartphone less, so as to be less distracted; to be in the moment more, and to be more productive. Among them, 59% have reported that they have failed to drop the habit.

Enter A French start-up founded by Business & Design Management students Victor Loiseau and César Lacombe, LetMeThink has created an app that launches a second environment within your smartphone, after touching it to a connected totem. 

Managing your focus and digital health with LetMeThink

The “Think Space”, a second working environment the app launches is designed to help you achieve three things:

  • Improve your focus by filtering out distractions: the system hides apps that are less important and filters out notifications, learning your preferences to be able to show only necessary or important ones.
  • Improve your productivity by virtue of making you less distracted, but also by allowing you to track your progress and showing you how productive and undistracted your work session has been.
  • Improve your wellbeing — many studies have shown that smartphone or digital distractions can have a serious negative impact on our wellbeing, including studies that show that workers report feeling less happy at work due to digital distraction. 

Aiming to change the relationship we have with technology and getting control over our attention and focus back into our own hands, the founders of LetMeThink have collaborated with scientists from the University of Grenoble and based much of their work on well-documented scientific insights on the effects of digital distraction on our minds. 

César Lacombe, co-founder:

“We started by creating connected totems for ourselves, because we needed to get […] easy access to a digital working space on our smartphones.

It worked, and we witnessed true improvements in productivity and wellbeing. Then, we kept on using it, shared in with beta testers, and discussing it with hundreds of members of our community.” 

To bring their product to the next stage and to help much more of us manage their own attention while at work, founders Lacombe and Loiseau have started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. 

Manage your focus and support the crowdfunding campaign

Starting June 11th, the public will be able to pre-order their own totem on Kickstarter, at the starting price of €44,99. 

The project is also followed by Nir Eyal, an American author, professor, entrepreneur and investor, much renowned in the world of digital wellbeing. His last book, “Indistractable”, deals with time control and human attention in the era of digital and will be a part of the packages presented during the campaign.

The startup also offers its totems and its services to businesses and universities to implement a digital environment conducive to productivity and wellbeing at work.

Make a conscious decision when it comes to the impact you want digital technology to have on your life: Learn more about LetMeThink, pre-order your own totem now and support their crowdfunding campaign.

Disclaimer: I care deeply about the effects of digital distraction, but I have no affiliation with LetMeThink other than the fact I am in contact with its founders, and I am supporting them by lending my voice and my latest book on digital distraction as a perk for the backers of their crowdfunding campaign.

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