Online Dating in 2020 — How to Make it 'Happn' for You

Integrate your online and offline flirting and up your game

I write a lot about digital technology and how we should approach it with caution. About the negative effects tech can have on our psychological and emotional wellbeing. How tech can steer us away from true human connections.

But what I also write about is balance in approaching and using digital tech. With all that’s happening around the world in terms of social distancing, I came across a pretty interesting way to integrate online and offline flirting — and bring your dating game to a new level.

Happn, the 2nd biggest yet greatest dating app in the world of 2020

Happn is apparently the second dating app in the world in terms of user base, as of 2020 — right after Tindr. 

I for one can only imagine it is — as I completely love the concept of ‘being able to connect ‘with the people you’ve crossed paths with’. Am I looking for an interesting date? Maybe. But if I am, I’m doing that on Happn this year.

Dating life itself meanwhile — online or otherwise — has changed a lot due to the events that Happn’d to transpire this year. 

Covid-19 and the increased usage of digital tech are already having dire consequences forour mental health, and feelings of loneliness and lack of human touch is sure to be fairly serious especially for singles (the ones who don’t necessarily want to be single, mind you).

Representatives of many of the world’s biggest dating apps share their stories on the changed online dating landscape in this article on Sifted, most notably addressing the rise of video-dating or virtual dating. There’s even talk of a new global cultural shift where virtual first dates might just become the norm — permanently.

Awesome, and more power to them. Especially when ‘scented swipes’ might help with checking for pheromone-compatibility, as Happn founder Didier Rappaport hints at.

Only thing that I can imagine stopping you or myself or any other happy single using Happn from, well, Happn’ing upon that special someone in 2020 is — 

It’s 2020. And a lot of us just don’t get out and about as much.

What if there’s a way to help it Happn?

What if there was a way we could increase our chances of meeting someone we fancy and then connecting with them? What if there were a clever way to signal to them without coming off desperate, and even to trigger your crush to start using the Happn app in the case that they weren’t already on there?

How about a…

 — A Phone Case that helps you up your serendipitous online/offline dating game!

‘Oh, but won’t that just be awkward as hell?’

 — Why would this be any more awkward than just gawking at the person and then staring at your smartphone and saying nothing, maybe silently praying they’re on Happn too? 

 — Why would it be more awkward than waving goodbye in a friendly way as you’re getting off the bus and still happen to have eye-contact? 

It’s only awkward if the person wasn’t into you, to begin with. In which case, what have you really lost? You waved to someone, you didn’t propose.


Do you already see yourself subtly signaling your crush with the back of your phone as you’re getting off the bus or train? I sure do. Go get ‘em!

My new book “Life Beyond the Touch Screen” is out now, you can get it here as an e-book or paperback. It’s a meditational booklet designed to increase our consciousness around the impact of digital technology on our lives as individuals, in organizations and society. A reminder to choose. Take back your energy, focus, and time.

** If you happn to work at Happn, please let me know if I am not infringing on your copyright or guidelines using the Happn logo in this way. Would love to collaborate on something prettier, can hardly believe it wouldn’t be useful. let’s make Love, Happn!

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