Why you need to find Purpose before anything else

The value and ROI of creating a Purpose-based Brand or Personal Legend Story

Purpose, purpose, purpose. Everyone seems to be peddling it, everybody seems to be selling it. In business, marketing, and in the booming business of life coaching. 


Why does it matter so much that you have or find your Purpose? What difference does it really make in life? And what is the value of storytelling in relation to Purpose, to you personally, or to the people in your business? What will it do for your brand and your bottom-line? 

I’ve got some things to share with you, on Purpose

I’ve just finished writing my new book: “Legend Storytelling: How to Find, Communicate and Live your Purpose”. It’s being proofread by a few very smart people as we speak. In the book, I take the time to make the case for the benefits in life and ROI in business, of starting to find your Purpose.

The following is an excerpt from that book. I hope it will be useful to you, and would love to hear from you if it is. In this article you’ll find:

  • A working definition of Purpose;
  • Philosophical and existential benefits of finding your Purpose;
  • Benefits for mental and physical health, longevity and well-being;
  • The business value of finding and operating from Purpose;
  • The value of Storytelling as it relates to Purpose.

Read the whole story on the Value of Purpose here.

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