Finding your Purpose: How To Do It and What It Will Bring You

Some First Reactions to my New Book & Course on Finding Your Purpose


I’ve been a bit quiet on social media lately. And here on my blog.

That’s mainly because I’ve been busy creating something that makes me very excited. Recently I ran a pilot with a number of people, for a course I created that is about finding your Purpose.

I’d really like to share with you some of my and my students’ first results.

My next book: how to find your Purpose

The course I’m talking about is part of my next book: “Legend Storytelling: How to Find, Communicate and Live Your Purpose”.

Purpose, you say?

I define Purpose as the reason why you do what you do; something that represents a higher goal. The reason why you get up in the morning. I define your Purpose as something that brings added value to yourself and simultaneously adds value to something bigger than yourself.

So what’s the big benefit of finding your Purpose?

Finding your Purpose gives you direction; it helps you make better choices. It can act like a compass, and it can bring you back to your original sparkle. Research shows that finding and having a Purpose in your life brings you more energy, a ton of health benefits, and sustainable motivation.

But do we really need research to understand that?

Apparently the need to find your Purpose is quite great, as I learned from online research, but also from the conversations I have with people around me. Turns out a lot of people feel the need to find a clearer purpose, and a clearer direction in their lives. At different times and in different phases of life.

The need for this clearer sense of Purpose is of course also very great among entrepreneurs and companies, which I notice in my work as a Brand Storyteller. An appealing Brand Story with a clear Purpose helps companies to achieve sustainable growth more easily.

So, how clear is your Purpose, really? And how important is it to you?

In my forthcoming book and the course that is part of it, I combine insights from psychology with insights about storytelling, brand and identity, to help you create one story about your past, present and future. That “Legend Story” as I call it, encompasses your Purpose.

And how well does that work? Frankly, I am very pleasantly surprised at the first results and reactions.

First reactions from readers and pilot students

The reactions of my pilot students are very impressive. Almost overwhelming, I would say. It makes me humble and at the same time very enthusiastic. People are telling me the book is a good read, full of valuable resources, knowledge, and insights.

A large part of my pilot group has now completed the first version of their ‘Legend Story’. 

And what does that get them? I’ve conducted my first few evaluation interviews, where my students react to and score the program and book. Here are some of the first results:

Some improve their focus within a very short time, have a clearer head, and experience greatly increased productivity. Others indicate that they come to very impactful insights about themselves. For example, that it is much easier for them to talk about what really matters.

They’re telling me they have much better insight into what truly matters to them in life, and hence what to focus on (score: average 8.3/10). And they’re telling me that they have a much better grasp on the importance and practical execution of self-care.

Most importantly, however:

My pilot students are giving me a 9/10 for “This course delivers what it sets out to do (namely: to help make my Purpose clearer)”. And they give me a 9/10 for “I would recommend this to a friend.”

And Me? I feel very grateful that I have contributed to this through my work. I’m really working on something very special, which I think could be very valuable to a lot of people.

The next step for me, and one of the last steps before I’m ready for publication, is to collect and process all feedback. To make it much better than I could do all by myself.

I expect to be able to present my end product around the end of August or the beginning of September.

What does this mean for you, your Purpose, and your growth?

Are you an entrepreneur, are you responsible for a brand — or are you simply a human being, an individual with a strong growth mindset?

Do you also feel the need for more insight into yourself and what your ‘Why’ is? Do you want more direction and a clearer purpose in life for yourself or your brand or company? And do you want to learn to shape that into a clear story, so that you can really do something with that improved insight about yourself?

Shoot me a message and let’s talk. And keep an eye on my website and socials ;)

Something very beautiful is coming.

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