What People In The Tech Industry Are Saying About My Self-reflection Book

Reviews of ‘Life Beyond the Touch Screen’ 

I’m pretty happy with the first reactions to my newest book ‘Life Beyond the Touch Screen’. The book is meant as a meditation and a written self-reflection on how we consciously choose to let technology impact our lives. Among the first readers are some notable people from the tech industry, here’s what they are saying:


Nir Eyal, best-selling author of Hooked and Indistractible:

‘Really enjoyed it! Lima has written a beautiful meditation on how we can slow down and get more out of every minute, with or without our devices.’

Nir Eyal is not just any best-selling author: he’s one of the most respected and quoted experts on the impact of technology on our minds and our lives. I can not understate how great of an inspiration his work has been to me and my work. 

This great quote from one of the world’s leading experts on Behavioral Design and Time Management meant so much to me I put it on the back flap of my book.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out his books ‘Hooked’ and ‘Indistractable’ and find out more about his work at www.nirandfar.com. 

César Lacombe, Founder of LetMeThink.io:

‘Are you happy in your relationship with technology?
When technology takes more and more importance in our lives, we all need to sit and think what our relationship with it is about. I think that more than ever we need to take the time to think about the importance we give to technology, and to think about who controls who.
This is exactly what the new book “Life Beyond the Touch Screen” of Erwin Lima allows us to do. 
Erwin’s book is a great tool to take this time for you. It is very well written, and makes you ask yourself the right questions.’

César is someone I came across online someday, who happened to have been creating almost the exact app I would have created — if I had the drive, skills, network, and the knowledge to do so. The app I think the world needs.

Together with his business partner Victor and in cooperation with scientists from the University of Grenoble, César has created LetMeThink: an app that, together with a connected totem, helps you stay productive, focused and sane while working from or near your smartphone. 

Check out their website if you hadn’t yet, and be sure to follow and support their crowdfunding campaign to help get their app to the next step.

Madelein Smit, Change Maker, Executive Director D3cisive:

‘Well done Erwin Lima! A book about taking time to reflect and live consciously is much needed. A meditation on paper.’

Madelein Smit is a change maker, an expert on digital transformation and authentic leadership who has a professional track record that you can’t be anything but impressed with, at an equally impressive young age.

Madelein happened to be on the supervisory board of the IT-company where I worked for five years, and because of that, she became one of the most inspiring interviewees for the series of ‘visionary interviews’ I did, which was one of the greatest inspirations for ‘life Beyond the Touch Screen’.

Her reaction to my book hits home because it’s almost exactly what I was aiming for when I started writing it. I stand humbled.

Mahir Özdemir, Co-founder unlocQed:

‘Highly recommended. […] A remarkable book. Together with the visual style, the content, the transparency, the personal, and the constructive view on why reflection and action are both important. Respect.’

Mahir is a much respected fellow Weconomics member, who also happens to be a very nice guy. I know Mahir as someone who is strongly influenced by the Weconomics school of thinking and that of its founder, Paul Bessems. 

Weconomics is all about creating a better world with broader and more sustainable prosperity, by using the latest in organizational science and technology. 

As a Weconomics fellow, Mahir is the co-founder of unlocQed, an organization aimed at leveling the recruitment playing field completely. UnlocQed follows the blockchain ideology and makes it possible for employers and job seekers to get in touch with each other —  without personal data being transferred

Job seekers are in complete control of what data they share and with whom. So that, next to valuable data being better protected, it’s impossible to allow often unconscious bias about gender, race, age or other factors to skew the hiring process. 

I strongly believe that such a solution is much needed in the world we live in today, and I encourage you to check out what Mahir and his colleagues are doing at www.unlocqued.nl.

A big thank you to my first readers!

All in all I am very happy, grateful and humbled by some of the first reactions to my book, Life Beyond the Touch Screen. These are just some of the first reactions — I will be sure to share more as more reactions from early readers come in. 

A big thank you to my first readers. This is just the encouragement a self-published writer needs to carry on!

My new book “Life Beyond the Touch Screen” is out now, you can get it here as an e-book or paperback. It’s a meditational booklet designed to increase our consciousness around the impact of digital technology on our lives as individuals, in organizations and society. A reminder to choose.

The writing of this book changed my life. I hope that to a smaller or maybe larger extent, it might change something in your life too.

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