Tech Impact and Storytelling from Purpose

  • Blockchain Disruption and What to Expect Next

    After ten years with massive popularity, controversion and hype around the blockchain, what real world effects have we seen? And what will happen in the future when the technology gets more widely adopted, becomes more tried and tested and crawls out of the tech hype cycle’s ‘trough of disillusionment’?
  • Online Marketing and Elections in the Digital Age — your choices are not your own

    Can any of us truly maintain that we choose what we choose freely in today’s world? What is unethical manipulation, what is the role of tech, and how can we discern it or protect ourselves from it?
  • Understanding the Essence of Blockchain, Crypto, and Money

    This is an exploration of the philosophical and social reality that we refer to when we talk about money and value. First try to understand the concept of money better, the evolution of the economy and their impact on your personal life. Then apply that deeper understanding to blockchain and crypto currency, and to investing in your selection of projects.
  • Beyond the Impact of AI, Blockchain, IoT

    IoT, Blockchain, Machine Learning, AI. What will really be the impact of all this blazing technological innovation? Instead of what technologies we use and how we deploy them, very human factors such as ethics, knowledge of self and meaning, or purpose, are going to make the biggest difference in the future.