Tech Impact

  • Smartphone Addiction, Burnout and Balance

    When do we start focusing on the digital transformation that is going on in the lives of each of us, individually? When did any of us make a conscious choice about how we want digital tech to add to our lives? A story about smartphone addiction, maximizing human potential and releasing a new book from a state of near-burnout.
  • 21 lessons for the 21st century

    I just finished reading “21 lessons for the 21st century” by Yuval Noah Harari, one of my favorite writers and well-known for his best-sellers “Sapiens” and “Homo Deus”. In the new book, Harari gladly recycles and bundles outtakes from those and other previous publications, and mainly adds a lot of questions.
  • Is There Love Beyond the Touch Screen?

    Love, note. This is the day we share our love notes. Digitally and otherwise. Acting fake surprised and spend some time with our lovers, celebrating flutters from the butterflies in our eyes.
  • Online Marketing and Elections in the Digital Age — your choices are not your own

    Can any of us truly maintain that we choose what we choose freely in today’s world? What is unethical manipulation, what is the role of tech, and how can we discern it or protect ourselves from it?
  • Offline Sunday: Self-direction and Balance

    We celebrate #OfflineSunday each week because we want to raise our own awareness around self-direction of our attention, interest, desires and actions. Because we want to disconnect to reconnect. And because it’s fun, different, and very, very relaxing. Maybe you should try it, too.
  • The State of AI in the World

    As a tech geek and writer for an IT company, I love having discussions about things like Blockchain and AI — and their impact on our current and future lives — with my layman best friend (who works in Public Security). He’s still waiting for the day I show up at his house in a fully operating Iron Man-like flight suit. I still believe that one day I will.
  • Understanding the Essence of Blockchain, Crypto, and Money

    This is an exploration of the philosophical and social reality that we refer to when we talk about money and value. First try to understand the concept of money better, the evolution of the economy and their impact on your personal life. Then apply that deeper understanding to blockchain and crypto currency, and to investing in your selection of projects.
  • Beyond the Impact of AI, Blockchain, IoT

    IoT, Blockchain, Machine Learning, AI. What will really be the impact of all this blazing technological innovation? Instead of what technologies we use and how we deploy them, very human factors such as ethics, knowledge of self and meaning, or purpose, are going to make the biggest difference in the future.